Welcome to Pups Heaven! We've been owning and breeding beagles for a few years now, focusing on creating the best possible pet for your home and family.. We specifically breeds small/ mini beagles 13 inch and under. Our breeeding dogs are 12 to 13 inches and weight between 14 to 17 pounds. Our beagles come from top show champion lines and have been hand-selected for generations for personality and genetic health All of my dogs are either A.K.C. and C.K.C registered or both.

As a Zootherapist.I help people with the assistance of animals. I found beagles to be a great breed for that type of work and have been around them for many years. I am fortunate to work from home with my animals. They are part of my life, work and family. Beagles, do not require a lot of maintenance , they have a great personality and are sturdy enough to be handled by children. They do require some exercise and are full of energy!

I like to keep my numbers of litter small so that my animals are well taken care of, socialized and loved. I believe in quality not quantity! When a puppy receives love and attention at a early age it will be a very sociable, loving animal. If a puppy does not receive attention early on it will more than likely grow into a timid, scared animal. I have 3 moms in my breeding program. . I refuse to sell to Puppy stores, Puppy mills or Puppy brokers. I reserve the right to refuse a sale. At Pups Heaven we are raising family members not just dogs.

We live on a 9 acres Hobby Farm east of Ottawa est. All of my pets are seen on a regular basis by a vet and are current on vaccinations. When you receive a puppy from me you can rest assured that you are getting a healthy, happy, well socialized puppy!

When someone purchases a puppy from me I encourage them to stay in touch and contact me with any question's or issue's they might have. I truly believe in giving my clients a high quality of customer support even years after they have purchased a dog from me. Please browse my web site and check back often for new additions and changes, Thanks!

Véronique Giroux - veronique@pupsheaven.com
801 County Road 2 - Curran, Ontario -- K0B 1C0
cel.: 613 986-2898