A bit of History

In the 17th and 18th century beagles were 13 inch and under. They were breed small to fit in the horses saddle pocket that is how they got the name ``Pocket beagle``. With time hunters notice that bigger beagles were better hunters so they started to breed 13 inch to 15 inches beagle and that became the `` standard beagle`.` A standard beagle will be over 13 inches not exceeding 15 inches. Beagles that are under 13 inches are considered small /mini beagles or like they use to say in the old days ``Pocket beagle``. Small beagle or mini beagles are the same as pocket beagle but the name pocket beagle is not accepted by Canadian Kennel Club for them you have 2 categories of beagle. Beagles that are 13 inches and under and the other categorie is over 13 inches not exceeding 15 inches. We don't call them pocket because it seem to be a very tochy subject within beagle breeders and Beagle association. Most of the Pocket beagle breeders do not have resgistered dogs so we dont know if they we mix with other small breed dog like; chiwawa or dashound or other type of small breed dog. That is why the name Pocket beagle bring a lot of controvercy. All my breeding dogs are small beagle 13 inches and under. All of my dogs are Canadian Kennel Club registered and microchip (They are purebred beagles).

Explanation on Sizes of Beagles
Standad Beagle Above 13 inches not exciding 15 inches

Fullgrown height of 15 inches usually weighing between 25 to 40 lbs.
(These beagles are longer legged and have longer noses. Bigger built more muscular tone. We do not have any of this largest size of beagle dog.

The 13 inches Beagle Fullgrown height of about 13 inches and usually weighing 18 to 24 lbs.
The Small-mini Beagle
Anything under 13 inches is considered a small /mini beagle

Fullgrown height of 10 inches - 12 inches tall and weighing 11-17 lbs.
(These are basically a shorter, more slender-built, petite beagle. They have come about by the combining of bloodlines of various smaller beagles.)
This is the variety of beagle that we breed. They're smaller, more light weight, and just an excellent indoor pet. They are not so small though, as to have health issues. We have found their health to be the same as any size beagles.

What to expect in purchasing a miniature from us

First of all, when we say mini beagle it's because all of the parents used in my breeding program are under 13 inches and weight between 14 to 17 lbs. We prefer using slender built 13" and under beagle for our breeding program. We want to produce smaller and slender pups. Keep in mind though that we cannot guarantee that the puppies will be the exact mini. Sometimes with genetics we get bigger pups even if the parents are small. Most of our pups will turn out to be 12 inches and about 15 lbs. As much as we try to get just mini beagles we do have about 20% of our pups that will grow to be small standard beagles. I can not guarantee the weight and height of the pups at their young age. We often have suprises growth spurs and even with our estimates we are sometimes wrong.

If size really, really matters to you, keep in mind that the females tend to weigh 3-4 lbs less fullgrown than the males. This is because the males generally are a little broader across the chest and have more muscle mass to their bodies. The females tend to be smaller. Again though, there could be a chance that a female would be as big as her brothers, so again, we cannot guarantee this.

I do not desire to mislead and will do my utmost to let you know. If the puppy should have more growth than expected after leaving me, keep in mind that the best I can do is tell you what to expect by the size of the fullgrown parents. We've found this to be quite a consistent way to figure it.

We have produced very small mini beagles my smallest is 11 inches and weight 11 1/2 lbs but from my last litter I have produce a very tiny one I think will be even smaller. Most of the pups are in the rage of 12 inches and 15 lbs. We have produced a couple that are 13 to 14 inches and weight approximatly 25 lbs. My goals is to be transperant and let you know what to expect and for you to fully hunderstand we do not have any control over genetics.

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