Would you like to be a Foster Family?

Foster Home Program

Pups Heaven does not support Puppy Mills nor the type of treatments and living conditions dogs have to endure in such establishments. Our dogs are NOT kept in cages for the purpose of breeding. Only four of our breeding dogs reside with us on the property and are part of the family. To ensure that our breeding dogs get to live a normal life as part of a loving family, Pups Heaven has established a Foster Home Program.

Therefore, ALL of our future breeding dogs (females only) will be adopted at 8 weeks of age by approved Foster Families in the Ottawa area ONLY. Placing selected puppies of breeding quality in foster homes allows our breeding dogs to become cherished members of loving families. They will only visit us for breeding, whelping and return to their families once their puppies are 8 weeks old. Our females are only breed once a year and will not have more than 4 litters during their participation in the breeding program. Our females are than spayed and become permanent members of their foster families for the rest of their life.

If you are interested to be part of our Foster Home program and would like more information please contact me via email or phone. Please mentioned your interest to be part of the Forster Home program.

Véronique Giroux - veronique@pupsheaven.com
801 County Road 2 - Curran, Ontario K0B 1C0
tel. 613 986-2898